Smart Giving: Use an IRA-required minimum distribution to support causes you believe in.


What is a RMD?

A required minimum distribution (RMD) is a requirement by the IRS for individuals aged 72 (70 1/2 before January 1, 2020) and older to withdraw from their IRA. RMDs are subject to income taxes and are included in the IRS’ calculation of taxable income.

This additional taxable income may push you into a higher tax bracket, which can lead to unwanted impacts on things like Social Security income and Medicare benefits. If you don’t take your RMDs by December 31 each year, you could be subject to a 50% penalty on the amount that wasn’t withdrawn.

Fund 1: Orphanage in Kenya

Fund 2: Children's Center in Uganda

Fund 3: Vocational School in Liberia

Our Causes

How can a QCD help?

Qualified charitable distributions (QCD) allow you to instruct your IRA administrator to direct your RMD (up to $100,000 per year) to qualified 501(c)(3) charities (donor advised funds do not qualify). Since the IRA distribution is sent directly to the charity through your administrator, the QCD is not reported as taxable income. This is a win-win option for donors who want to support nonprofits in a tax advantaged way!

Making a QCD generally provides greater tax savings than cash donations.

Now that you are thinking about ways to give through your IRA, it’s important that you consider what will happen to your IRA one day. A great option is to designate End Poverty Now or one of our funds, as a beneficiary. Not all assets are treated the same when you pass them to your heirs. Your heirs would pay income taxes on your IRA if you left it to them. However, End Poverty Now (or any of our funds) would not because we are a public charity. Therefore it’s important to speak with your professional advisor about the smartest ways to meet your goals of caring for your loved ones and supporting the causes and charities you care about most.


  • All QCD gifts can be used to satisfy your IRA required minimum distribution.
  • Your QCD gift goes directly to End Poverty Now and is not subject to federal income tax.

The Process is Simple

  1. Choose your gift amount and how you would like your gift to be used.
    QCD gifts may be made to support End Poverty Now or one of its programs, like Orphanage in Kenya, Children’s Center in Uganda or Vocational School in Liberia. You can also make a gift to any existing End Poverty Now scholarship, field of interest, designated or agency fund. (Distributions cannot be to a donor advised fund.) Or ask us about establishing a new charitable fund on your behalf!
  1. Ask your plan administrator to direct your IRA distribution to End Poverty Now.
    You may choose a recurring or one-time gift.

Do You Qualify?

  • Donors must be 72 (or 70 1/2 before January 1, 2020) and older on the date of the distribution to a fund at End Poverty Now
  • Your plan administrator must transfer the funds directly to a fund at End Poverty Now.
  • Your gift cannot be directed to a donor advised fund.
  • Distribution must be received by the deadline to be counted in the current tax year. Check with your financial advisor for complete details.
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions are limited to $100,000 in total during each year.
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Support Us

End Poverty Now is here to make personal philanthropy flexible, easy and effective.

Joining our community of donors is an easy way for you to achieve your charitable goals.
End Poverty Now offers the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity, combined with the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of a private foundation.

Giving through End Poverty Now is:

Easy. Make your own choices or take advantage of our staff’s expertise to help you address the community’s most pressing challenges. A fund can be established in a short time with a simple governing document. End Poverty Now staff and board are available and ready to facilitate the process for you.

Flexible. Choose the causes and organizations you want to support. Choose the type of fund that fits you best and tailor it over time. End Poverty Now has the experience necessary to match your personal interests and tax planning needs.

Effective.  The power of community means that your fund will share the costs of a knowledgeable staff, enjoy excellent financial management and benefit from a closely monitored investment strategy. Rest at ease knowing that End Poverty Now is working to ensure that your charitable fund creates the best impact possible.

Permanent. End Poverty Now is building a permanent collection of funds for our community.  Our Board of Governors ensures that these funds will grow in perpetuity and will continue to carry out the charitable objectives of the donors who established them. If these objectives ever become impossible to carry out, the Board will redirect the funds to support a closely related purpose.

Call us today with any questions about establishing a fund. (419) 297-5368