Do you have a beloved classic car you want to showcase to the world?

Your classic car is more than just a vehicle —
it’s a piece of American history and a magnificent work of art!

We understand the passion classic-car enthusiasts have for their hobby and vehicle. We want to honor the dedication and care you have shown your classic car and provide a museum-type setting where other car-lovers can view and admire your prized vehicle.

Not quite ready to let it go? Maybe you would like to continue showing your vehicle at car shows, while still receiving the tax benefits of donating your car to charity? Call us to talk about how our parent charity, End Poverty Now Inc, can work with you: 1-866-322-7872.

Donate Cars USA will arrange to transport your donated vehicle and get tax paperwork to you (normally at 2-3 day process – and we do and pay for everything). We will leverage your donation the farthest so that it does the most good, while also benefiting you on your tax return. Whatever type of vehicle you wish to donate, know that we will help you every step of the way to make the most of your generous donation!